'Born frees' term is propaganda

Pretoria President Jacob Zuma dismissed the term "born frees" as propaganda during an ANC voter registration drive in Atteridgeville, west of Pretoria, on Friday.

Zuma encouraged the youth to register this weekend and accused those using the term "born frees" of underestimating the youth.

"Young people are wholesale cheap jerseys china called born frees, that is plain propaganda. They are making you out to be idiots. Young people know the struggle, they were born in the struggle hence they live in informal settlements," Zuma said in isiZulu.

"Born frees" refers to people who were born after the first democratic elections in 1994. Next year would be the first election in which these young wholesale jerseys people would be allowed to vote.

Zuma was addressing residents of Brazzaville in Atteridgeville. He was met with loud cheers as he made his way to the stage.

Wants to win by wholesale cheap jerseys 75%

Zuma told the hundreds waiting for him at a dusty sports field that the party wanted to win the 2014 elections by 75% and show wholesale jerseys china cheap the opposition who they were.

The only way to reach this target was if people were registered.

"If you have not registered, no matter how much you love this movement, you will be like those who don't love it," Zuma said.

"We want to win because we want to show them who we are. For us to do that, let us go and register."

Zuma told the crowd their votes were important to put in charge a government they liked, but they should not be misled by people making empty promises.

"There are a lot of people who make empty promises.

Some residents took the opportunity to inform Zuma of their living conditions. As he was speaking, some shouted out that they did not have water and houses.

"We want houses, we have no water electricity and we are hungry."

After Zuma and his entourage left, a resident said he was not impressed by the visit. Thabang Moema, 23, said he did not see the point of Zuma's visit.

Naftalina Lithuli said she would not vote as she felt the ANC was using people. She said the party only remembered the poor during elections.

"They come when they want something from us and then once they are elected, they forget about the promises they made. They are just using people for votes," she said.

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